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The revolution of financial industry is inevitable and we as the millennia should take an active part for the betterment of the society



Raising my voice for the sake of other who are being subjected to a long and painful road just because they have illness that are hard to be understand

"Writers live twice” —Natalie Goldberg

Life is too short and too long at the same time. Every word left from our mouth, every decision we were force to choose, every heartbreak that left us crying in the middle of the night, they left a lot of unique memories that are too good to be forgotten. Despite what the great old book told us that human are the most perfect creature, but we still have our limitation. Brain. Memories. Oblivion. They left us hanging on a tread of being remembered by other after we go on into the next phase of life. So, why not make our own memorabilia through writing?

  • How everything I've been through shaped the way I think

  • How mass media affect my perspective on how things are

  • How people around me affect my opinion on matters

  • How my current mood affect what I write

monika istanto

Simply a Business Management student

Monika Istanto

Been around for 19 years, I dream to find the true form of happiness

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