Blockchain : The Future of Financial Industry

Two posts in a day! What a surprise!!

Okay, the second post for today I’m going to introduce you guys about another FinTech trend that is not currently booming in Indonesia but I believe will be very interesting in the future.

As reference, please watch this video : Blochain Explained!

After you guys watch the video, I’m going to give you guys another article to enlighten your brain with what blockchain might bring to the future of financial industry and other. Blockchain itself only been gathering quite the attention after someone using pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto introduce Bitcoin after the crash of financial market in 2008. So, it’s quite new so to speak. But the potential it could bring is so big that it bring a lot of engineer sitting in front of their computer and trying to develop it. If you are interested to built your own company, this sector is quite underdeveloped and maybe it can be a chance for you!

I have no idea about what to write anymore but I want to put something into a test. Do anybody really read this blog? If so, you can always come to me and discuss anything with me. Suppose you read this message, you can always mention it in class to me or anything just so I know that someone out there is reading my blog.



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