Unpopular Opinion : Social Stigma

Basically, this is my opinion on the stigma that is placed on someone who has mental illness and mental disorder.

I didn’t do any research in regards of this post. All of this post will be purely based on what I’ve been through or what I’ve seen or read anywhere.I know that I am going to generalized a lot of things here, but whatever, I’m still going to rant anyway. The topic of mental illness interest me since mental illness is just like any other illness in the world that is treatable and curable. But the reaction of society regarding people with mental illness is completely different than the “normal” illness. I bet many of people will show a lot more sympathy to someone who has let say cardiac arrest or cancer than to someone who has depression or anxiety. Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean that it isn’t there. Just because it only happens inside of our head, doesn’t meant that it doesn’t happen. Mental illness is real and we should all be aware

We are going to indulge with the kind of mental illness later or maybe in another post, but now I’m going to focus on how society sees mental illness. I know some people who has mental illness. Most of them are hesitant to tell other people and afraid of being ridiculed. Yes I know not a lot of people are mean, but there are a great amount of people out there who are slightly rude and inconsiderate toward other. The rudest thing that they can do to people who suffer of mental illness, in my opinion, is ‘get over it’, or ‘you are lame, there are people out there who has it worse than you’. That makes the problems that these people are currently battling with seems like nothing and that hurts. That particularly stung and for a lot of these people, that doesn’t help in any sense. People are often so fast to judge and not even in the slightest trying to generate any effort to understand them.

To be judged and to be subjected into another people’s opinion about what we are getting through suck. I bet even every single one of you have passed through some dark path down the road. So let’s be more open and more understanding to another human being.

That’s it for today, Peace Out!

Note : Here is some video that might be helpful for you to understand a little video for you guys!


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