Understanding How Our Mind Works : Depression

No one is immune with feeling called sadness, or disappointment, or anger.

Often we contemplate whether how we react toward certain situation is normal or not. Sometime we cries over bad grade, the other time we laugh over a fail romantic relationship. Life is mystery that never ceased to amaze us with new things. Sometime when we think there is nothing worse than what we are experiencing right now, life introduce us to a whole new level of misery. But that’s how it’s work. What we gotta do is keep pushing through and keep fighting.

But for some people, it’s even harder to fight even the smallest trivial thing that we do everyday without further thinking, such as waking up in the morning. The thought of even leaving the bed to face another day is a constant battle that some people seems to never defeat. The voices inside their head, spewing hates and self-deprecating words that no one should never hear is dictating the way they see the world. The feeling of helplessness that linger everyday can affect one’s mood, work, relationship, and life

To help you understand better about depression, I would like to give you a little infographic :


And to help you understand how it’s like to live with depression, here is a short video that might help :  What it’s like to live with depression, but sometime, It’s not always obvious.

But like any other illness, it is curable. Just like when you have broken leg, or cold, you go to doctor to get help you need. If you feeling like you might have symptoms about depression or any other mental illness, do not hesitate to go to doctor, therapist, or even just seek help from your friend because it helps.

Of course I’m talking from personal experience and I’m definitely not an expert, so take it as you like.

Be kind to other and to YOURSELF, be compassionate, and be grateful to this beautiful and messy life that God has graced us! Bless you all!

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